Dreaming Waiting (original by Matthew Mosier)

by Mysterious Bronie

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another scootaloo song!?! have i got some kind of chicken crush??? maybe a little ;)
when i first heard this song i loved it so much i asked if i could cover it. matthew seemed happy to humor me and i went away...and did nothing...BUT then i listened to the song again and just HAD to start the cover right away. i just hope i did this justice. and make sure to check out matthew mosier. he's a great musician :D


Spread my wings and fly
Take to the sky
It might be hard
But it's worth it; falling really hurts

This chance I've made
My own mistakes. I
Can make the change
The second chance is coming
My way.

And I'll fly higher than the clouds,
I'll fly higher than the sun and the moon
I'll fly higher than the stars in the sky
Soon enough I'll be there with them, too.
And everyone will know my name i'm scootaloo

If I work my hardest
I can hit the mark
Set the world on fire
Who really needs their cutie marks?
With my sights up high
I'll see the sky
From above the clouds
And down below my name is shouting out.

Dreaming, waiting. Take me home where I belong.


released July 8, 2012




Mysterious Bronie Australia

Mysteriousbronie is A Brony Musician from Australia.
starting to write in mid 2012, mysteriousbronie has enjoyed a moderate success with a few select songs.

with a style that is vast, covering anything from pop punk (his home groove) to anything as wide as folk and even electronic on occasions. Mysterious is always there to provide the bronies of the world with sweet tunes
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